About Us

Who we are?


ounded in 2004 in Mumbai by Vitek Goyel, Pixeltek began life as an Art Outsourcing company catering solely to the Gaming Industry. Since then we have expanded to include Virtual Reality, Simulations, and end to end App and Game development. Using our decades plus experience in the industry, we are able to use some of the best looking graphics around to create truly memorable and exciting experiences.

Gaming. Entertainment. Simulations. Visualizations – we cover it all.

Why Choose Us

World class team

Since 2004, our talented team of 2D & 3D artists, Programmers Writers and Animators have worked on some of the coolest projects for some of the world’s leading brands. Our upper management team has over 80 years of collective experience in International Business and Trade.

Effortless Communications

Here at Pixeltek we take extreme pride in our ability to communicate clearly with our clients. In any globalized industry, dealing with cross border communications can be daunting. We ensure that all staff are fluent in English and all internal communications are done in English as well. We also make sure our clients have direct access to the team leaders and artists working on their projects. We also encourage regular audio/video conference meetings with our clients, and we are familiar with most industry standard asset management/tracking tools.


We take Security extremely seriously here at Pixeltek. Apart from strict legal precautions, we also ensure that all data is securely backed on offline servers, and have restricted access on data going in and out of our offices. We also install CCTV,RM, and Biometrics to ensure the highest level of safety and security.

Press & Media

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